„Internationalization of markets and Globalization can be only successful, if this also means chances and opportunities for those people, who are not able to participate actively in the process and influence the system.“

Srita Heide

SRITA HEIDE INTERNATIONAL is socially engaged by supporting a project in the state of West Bengal, India. This project has been initiated and developed by Martin Kämpchen, a renowned German Author, Translator and Journalist, who has set best practices by developing programme for two tribal villages. The programme deals with various economic, cultural, health & hygiene issues and as well as supporting further the emotional and intellectual interests of the people.

Ghosaldanga is a small tribal village near Santiniketan which Martin Kämpchen visits since the early 1980s. There he has started a model village development programme with an emphasis on education. Twelve years ago, the neighbouring village, Bishnubati, was included in these efforts. Kindergartens, coaching centres, agricultural projects, pisciculture, medical care, a weaving centre and a savings scheme are part of the project. Five years ago, a non-formal day school for Santal children was added. It has now five classes.

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Srita Heide International is also socially engaged in Germany and supports Lebenshilfe Hanau e.V. by organizing international cooking classes in cooperation with sponsors.



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