24.7.2021, EU-Indo-Pacific Global Conference

EU-Indo-Pacific Global Conference: The importance of creating a win-win perspective

Srita Heide’s speech on EU-Indo-Pacific Global Conference (hosted by the Horasis organization) focussed on Free Trade Agreement: After 16 rounds of talk between 2007 and 2013 there was a stop and in May 2021 EU and India have picked up the discussion on Free Trade Agreement. When we are talking on EU and India – let us keep in mind that we are talking about the two biggest democracies of the world. From EU’s perspective the main focus should be to partner with other countries contributing to the EU’s agenda supporting digital and climate transitions and contributing to the recovery plan for Europe. Let us remember that the aim of the European Union in the post-pandemic phase is: To get to work, to make Europe greener, more digital and more resilient.

India’s digital service sector has the capacity, capabilities and skills to contribute to Europe’s digital transition. With the aspired FTA India will have a better access to technology and innovation in Europe which is required to face environmental and climate challenges, built up smart cities and above all create a huge number of jobs. For India this also means investment flows, technical co-operation and better integration into the world economy and strengthening its role in the global trade governance.

When world’s two biggest democracies meet then we have to focus on complementing each other supporting each other to achieve the post-pandemic agenda, develop a strong foundation for all our debates and discussions leading to adhering to quality standards of goods and commodities to be exported to the EU, labour laws, climate and environment rules and regulations.

For the European Union it is important to build strategic partnership also with non-EU countries and become a strong player in this new phase of globalization.

24.9.2020, Video Conference
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Post-Brexit Business and trade opportunities in the Industrial Heartland of Germany with NRW.INVEST

We all are going through a changing scenario in our society, business and trade. Some of these changes are already visible like – virtual interaction and digitalisation starting from home-schooling to home-office. However, we are yet to learn and experience many new aspects of business and economic shifts and geopolitical consequences. While Britain is preparing for the post-Brexit Phase for many countries and economies the European Union will remain a key partner in the future.

We invite you to an entrepreneurial round table on challenges and aspiration of business, trade and economic collaboration and co-operation. You will have the opportunity to find out about the exciting business possibilities in Germany’s economic powerhouse North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). NRW is in the focus of the dynamic developments and offering opportunities to inter­national business and trade. Furthermore, NRW ranks top as a location of the manufacturing and service industries in the EU and offers tremendous potential for cooperation not only in the field of digitalization.

Time & Agenda

12.9.2019, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Ayurgenomics as an economic factor

“Ghee”, most lovers of Indian cuisine know it especially as a commonly used edible fat. Ultimately, it’s nothing else but common butterfat. What is less well-known in Western societies: Ghee is credited with a whole range of health-promoting properties, including the “drunkard liver” affected by alcohol. But so far you have to be satisfied with believing in it – because it is not scientifically proven. “There is a lack of basic research,” Dr. Rajesh Kotecha says, Secretary of State in the Indian Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (Ayush).

He recently spoke at the Indo-German Talk “Shared Experience in the Healthcare Sector”, hosted by Srita Heide International together with the Indian Consulate General in Frankfurt at the “Frankfurt Innovation Center for Biotechnology” (FIZ). The well-attended event had brought together interested parties from both the healthcare industry and the homeopathic sector who also took the opportunity to network.

A Federal Ministry of Ayurveda and Yoga – of course, that can only be possible in India. The country is more like no other on the interplay of classical medicine and naturopathy – and is marketing this most skillful under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Of course, also companies from other countries benefit from the tremendous market opportunities – that’s why there was such a great interest in the event. At any rate, the keynote speech of Secretary of State Kotecha made it very clear that the Indian Government with this ministry is serious about establishing naturopathy as a pillar of health care – and pushing ahead with ghee research as one of millions of examples.

The Indian Consul General in Frankfurt, Pratibha Parkar, states the opportunities for Germany as well: “The visit of the Secretary of State represents a milestone for the local Ayurveda community.” At the same time, Srita Heide, CEO of the European-Indian business consulting firm bearing her name, had already pointed out that the combination of science, spirituality and innovation could only advance the world – also economically. Her company proves this on a daily basis in many projects for European companies involved in Southeast Asia, and conversely Southeast Asian companies that would like to do business in Europe.

Also the FIZ follows this holistic track. Managing Director Christian Garbe deliberately focused on the holistic approach of his innovation center in the health sector: “Ayurgenomics”, the interdisciplinary combination of Ayurveda and genomics, generate more and more supporters in science and research. Dr. med. Gunjan Bhardwaj, Managing Director of Eschborn-based Innoplexus AG, explained how one can compile data in this area – and all other health and pharmaceutical disciplines – with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

So it’s only a small step from the age-old art of ghee preparation to Artificial Intelligence – with this event Srita Heide International and the Indian Consulate General have contributed their part in making it happen that this step will be a successful one…

26.9.2019, Bengaluru (India)

Srita Heide on “Forging Links Leveraging Networks”

This was an honour to be one of the chief guest speakers at an international entrepreneurs conference “Forging Links Leveraging Networks” in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India, held by the Engineering Manufacturer Entrepreneurs Resource Group and supported by the central and state government. I talked about the present international business and trade agenda of EU and other partners, as well as entrepreneurship and German Mittelstand. According to the World Economic Forum till 2030 most of the start ups and new business will come up in India and most of these entrepreneurs will be women. This was really interesting to meet representatives from business, trade and politics from the US, Canada, Australia, Israel, Nepal, Sri Lanka and of course India.

7.3.2019, Brussels (Belgium)

Srita Heide on “International women’s day”

8th of March – we celebrate “International women’s day”: Metro AG initiated a fantastic discussion at EU Parliament in Brussels with representatives from all walks of life – business, trade, professional and parliamentarians from different political parties – to discuss the topic entrepreneurship and challenges for female entrepreneurs. This was an honour to be a guest speaker at this event and be part of the discussion.

This was obvious: All of us have a story to tell and so do entrepreneurs. You turn your idea to business and nurture your business as your child. One grows as a leader learning to get the full picture and always grasping the spirit of the age. You learn to have sleepless nights and take challenges as opportunities to create a meaningful life. You fall down and stand up – many times. That counts.

In Brussels we also discussed the entrepreneurial spirit in the emerging markets and developing countries. Where specially female entrepreneurs are creating new jobs and opportunities day by day.

17.1.2019, New Delhi (India)

Kick-off of the “Indo-European Security Round Table”

A fruitful kick-off of the “Indo-European Security Round Table”, held by Srita Heide International (SHI) in cooperation with the Indian National Bar Association in January 2019 at the Metropolitan Hotel in New Delhi.
Several representatives of security systems manufacturers and dealers participated to discuss about perspectives of doing business in European countries and with European subsidiaries in India. CEO and founder Srita Heide welcomed the participants and introduced her well established Indo-European consulting company headquartered near Frankfurt in Germany.
Advisor Marcus Heide gave a short overview about the significance of corporate security (including fire protection) in Europe and how to do security business with European companies with subsidiaries in India. He also explained how to start security business collaboration with organizations in Europe. His conclusion: There is a market for Indian security products in Europe, especially because the market is very much price sensitive. However, Indian companies have to meet more the European expectations with reference to marketing and visual design.
Our next meetings for 2019 will be announced shortly.

19.9.2018, Mannheim (Germany)

Diversity Conference: “Consensus and Social Cohesion in a Diverse Society“

Mannheim Business School and Srita Heide International organized the 2018 Diversity Conference on “Consensus and Social Cohesion in a Diverse Society”. Experts from businesses, politics, media, and academia joined the conference and discussed on chances and challenges of diversity in our society and organizations. Annette Widmann-Mauz, Minister of State, Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration, Germany motived the participants by her inspiring speech via video telecast from Berlin.


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In all fields of our lives, different cultures and nations come together. Pro-diversity messages and thoughts are in the spotlight, for example that diversity increases our skills and competencies to face global challenges by fostering creative minds, making us innovative, flexible and pro-active problem solvers. However, there are different levels of perception in our society. We all share the responsibility to integrate the “new” into our “tradition”. At the same time, we always need a common platform for politics, business, media, and academia to find solutions and go along with the challenges.

Organizations manufactures various products and these influence and create various other products. So, organizations need different sets of talents with skills and competencies to achieve excellent results and set objectives. The art of going along with differences and making diversity an asset was an important message from this conference.

Welcome & Introduction:

  • Srita Heide, Indo-European Business Advisor, Founder/CEO, Srita Heide International
  • Prof. Dr. Jens Wüstemann, President Mannheim Business School
  • A message from Annette Widmann-Mauz, Minister of State, Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration

Key note, speeches and panel discussion:

  • Silke Heinrichs, Head of Diversity+Inclusion, BASF SE
  • Dr. Aylin Lampe, Diversity Lead Germany, SAP SE
  • Rosa Lee, Senior Vice President, Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Stefan Messer, CEO, Messer Group GmbH
  • Sugandh Rajaram, Consul General of India, Munich
  • Christine Regitz, Supervisory Board Member, SAP SE

Closing session:

  • Kai Pfaffenbach, Photo Journalist Reuters – A World of Diversity

26.4.2018, London (United Kingdom)

Conference: “Brexit: How to foster success and growth for Enterprises in Great Britain and the EU“

Srita Heide International was member of an international delegation visit to London to discuss and exchange views on Post-Brexit Phase, terms of Brexit, relationship with EU and non-EU countries. One-hour stay at 10, Downing Street (photo on the left) incl. a short personal exchange with the host of the house, Theresa May, who took time to answer all the questions of her visitors personally. Later, Srita Heide participated as a guest speaker at the House of Commons (photo below) – and was the voice of small and medium-sized businesses in Europe and Asia, and participated in a discussion with Steve Baker, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, and Secretary of State Alec Schelbrooke.

“In the business world all discussions on Brexit lead to doubt, uncertainty and scepticism”, says Srita Heide. “Anywhere you are in the world the trade and business community are looking towards terms of Brexit which will define the future relationship of UK with the European Union”.

The terms of Brexit and the future relationship between UK and EU should not be only focussed on economic front, but also covers a broader perspective like social, political, geographical and legal. “Above all what we forget sometimes in our discussion that this is not only a topic of interest for the EU countries, but also much of interest for the non-EU countries” comments Srita Heide. “In the last almost 20 years the EU negotiated and implemented almost 38 FTA with non-EU countries and 20 further are in progress. So, these countries are obviously raising the question what next?” As UK also profited from these FTAs how is it going to ensure free trade relationship with these non-EU-countries post-Brexit? Different sectors like automotive (as we know from Japan) and pharmaceutical are going to be affected.

There is an ongoing debate on the future trade relationship between UK and EU. All different models are considered to be possible solutions like European Economic Area (Norway), CETA (Canada), a series of bi-lateral agreements (Switzerland). However, when Srita Heide placed this question to Madame Prime Minister she firmly commented that it is going to be a broader free trade agreement and the terms, scope and parameters are yet to be defined. Trade in services is more difficult to define than trade in goods especially when it is crossing borders.

Many companies and organizations from non-EU countries e.g. India, Japan haven chosen UK as the European headquarter and benefited from the single market policy. So, now they are waiting with uncertainty to understand the terms of Brexit and maybe re-think their business strategy and eventually choosing another city like Frankfurt or Paris for their headquarter.

All such political decisions should focus on continuity of business and trade relations and sustainable growth of all stakeholders involved. Political decisions on trade and business should be focussed on sustainable growth for the entire society.
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6.3.2018, Brussels (Belgium)

Working breakfast by SHI and SME Europe in the European Parliament

“The Future of Trade Between the EU & India” – this was the headline of a Working Breakfast on March 6, 2018, which was hosted by Srita Heide International (SHI) and SME Europe of the European People’ Party in the European Parliament in Brussels. The event featured a lot of speakers and moderators as well as participants from politics, trade and business. Srita Heide (photo on the right side), Indo-European Business Advisor and SHI’s Founder & CEO, remarked that in order to master lots of challenges, the EU must develop and strengthen diplomatic and business relations with emerging markets and developing countries like India. It would important to be part of this development, “therefore we need to have a debate and define an agenda in order to unite the resources between the EU and non-EU worlds”.
Gaitri Issar Kumar, Ambassador of India to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union, stated that India supports and depends on strong and successful European Union. “India feels it has a stake at the EU success as EU is India’s largest trading partner. Another ambitious figure is India’s endeavor to become the 3rd largest consumer economy as 4 trillion dollar by 2025. India is establishing several flagship programmes (like ‚Make in India‘) to attract investment, number of sectors have opened up to foreign direct investment.”
Another speaker was Stephan Csoma, Executive Vice President of Recycling at Umicore. He was talking pracically: “An example of the cooperation between India and the EU is our current technological agreement with Mahindra (Indian car producer) in India to develop the Electric Formula 1 Racing engine.”
Other speaker were Dr. Ingo Friedrich MEP (President of the European Economic Senate), Dr. Paul Rübig MEP (Member of the ITRE and BUDG Committees, Honorary President of SME Europe of the EPP), Godelieve Quisthoudt-Rowohl MEP (Member of the International Trade Committee), Chinmai Sharma (Chief Revenue Officer, Taj Hotels Resort), Vandana Mehrotra ( CEOState Bank of India in Frankfurt), Dr. Andrzej Rys (Health Systems, Medical Products & Innovation Director, DG SANTE, European Commission) and Lilly Vasanthini (Associate Vice-President DACH Head Delivery and Operations, Infosys).
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11. – 14.5.2017, Berlin (Germany)

“Indo-German Young Leaders Forum”

The “Indo-German Young Leaders Forum” is a unique platform for bi-lateral exchange and focussing on strong partnership between India and Germany. Srita Heide is one of the key note speakers on 12th May, 10 am, at Konrad Adenauer Haus in Berlin.

27.08.2016, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata (India)
SHI Business Talks (in cooperation with AHK and IIM)

“Indo-German Business Relationship – Our Experiences, Challenges and Opportunities”

Business Talk on the verge of West-Bengal Business Delegation to Germany of Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and representatives of industry, politics and government with events in Dusseldorf (5.9.2016), Munich (7.9.2016) and Stuttgart (8.9.2016).
Read more what the press is writing about the Business Talk in Kolkata.

16.08.2016, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

“Living between Cultures”

Migration is not a new phenomenon. Since ages this is an ongoing process and influencing our society and lives around the globe. How can one successfully manage this process of integration and what are our advantages as well as challenges? And how can this create added value to organizations? Srita Heide, CEO of Srita Heide International, Indo-European Business Advisor and today a German of Indian origin – a migrant in Germany, will talk on her personal experience. Business Talk organized by European Women’s Management Development International Network (EWMD).

3. – 4.07.2016, Cascais (Portugal)

“Horasis India Meeting”

Co-hosted by the Portuguese Government, the City of Cascais and the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)
Srita Heide, Speaker and Panlist: “Employment, Skills and Education” – India is at a crossroads on human capital. How can the country implement basic education and lifelong learning that better prepare its youth and mid-career workforce with skills for today’s and tomorrow’s economy?

Find more details here

28.04.2016, Indo-German-Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata

“The European Union and India – Business Opportunities and Challenges”

“European Union & India”
by Mrs. Srita Heide, CEO/Founder Srita Heide International, Indo-European Business Advisor (Germany/India)
“ Indo European Business Cooperation – Germany’s role”
Mr. Olaf Iversen, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany
“Opportunities and Challenges for a European Company in India”
Mr. Ashwani Sareen, Managing Director of Ceratizit India Pvt. Ltd.

January 2016, Düsseldorf, Handelsblatt Conference – Asia Business Insight

Srita Heide’s talk on: „Managing people with cultural intelligence“

26. November 2015

Srita Heide talks as guest speaker on „European Union and India“ at India Law Day, New Delhi

31. October – 7. November 2015

Srita Heide member of the Hessian Economic Delegation headed by Economic Minister Tarek Al-Wazir.

12. June 2015

Diversity Conference in Hanau: „Willkommenskultur der deutschen Unternehmen“ Guest speakers: Jan Rinnert, CEO Heraeus, und Thomas Mann Member of the European Parliament

19. March 2015, House of Finance, Frankfurt/Main

Why make in India? Our experience, opportunities and challenges



November 2012, Monthly publication of German Chamber of Commerce, Manin-Kinzig-Kreis

Indo-German cooperation: Minimizing risk and enhancing opportunities

September 2011

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Januar/Februar 2011

„Mit Geduld kann man in Indien nur gewinnen“

With some patience and the right strategy one can only win in India), Interview with Srita Heide in Security Insight

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