Kick-off for Indo-European Platform

Kick-off for Indo-European Platform

In our fast-changing world this is essential that we develop platforms for communication which are highly beneficial for politics, trade and business. The European Union has many big impacts on our lives and has also it’s challenges – demography, border security, managing of the global migration. The impact is not only on EU countries, but in many ways also on non-EU countries.

In order to master these challenges, the EU should develop and strengthen diplomatic and business relations with emerging markets and developing countries. G20 is represented at least by 15 Non-EU countries. Also, if we compare the data of the WTO it becomes clear that major part of trade and business is happening outside the EU, moreover there are strong start-up communities thriving in emerging markets. It is important to be part of this development; therefore, we need to have a debate and define an agenda in order to unite the resources between the EU and non-EU worlds. We need a clear understanding and a realistic approach.

India and EU share a long political and economical relationship. India is EU’s 9th most important trade partner. Since 2007 there has been an on-going negotiation on a Free Trade Agreement. It seems that we have many controversial points on the agenda like protection of intellectual property, labour rights, bilateral access to markets for products and services and assuring sustainable growth. I personally have the opinion that we should be pragmatic and focus on sector and industry-based agreements. So, for a continuous debate, identifying opportunities for both the side and catching up issues without loosing time we should develop a regular Indo-European platform for trade and business.

Srita Heide International organized a first kick-off meeting on the 6th of March 2018 at European Parliament with small-mid-sized as well as big corporates and their representatives at the EU Parliament. Entrepreneurs from India and Europe, Board Members of Tata, Taj Hotels, Umicore, State Bank of India, Infosys, Indian Ambassador to the EU (H.E. Gaitri Issar Kumar) and Member of the Parliaments participated to contribute to this discussion. We will take this initiative further and invite you to join this Indo-European Working Group to be part of our future discussions and events.

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We will support you and your organization to understand the changing situation at EU in terms of trade and business. As well as we will introduce you to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and decision makers in the industry and politics in Europe and the world outside.